Working with SIFA

We had the pleasure of working with SIFA Fireside for this project. Creating them a brochure explaining their services and opportunities for homeless people.


Firstly a meeting was arranged with SIFA Fireside to establish what exactly they wanted and expected of us. Drafts were made of potential ideas and their current styling. We went through every page of their draft brochure and had ideas of designs for each page, still following with their previous design ideas. After the meeting most of the content was handed over for the brochure and away we went to start designing!


We kept in contact with SIFA Fireside via various emails and phone calls throughout the process of this project. Deadlines were set and met within this ongoing project. Which made it such a pleasure to work with SIFA Fireside. SIFA knew and felt comfortable enough to know if they had any problems, we were only a call away to sort any issues they came across along the way. SIFA Fireside explained their specific wants and needs towards the brochure for example: specific colours, fonts and previous designs that they want to keep. Apart from those, SIFA let us loose with our creative flare with their brochure. Sending over the initial fives pages, we then waited on SIFA’s approval of our design work. Being given the all clear, they were very happy with our designs and future plans for the brochure.

About SIFA Fireside

SIFA Fireside was established in 2007 die to the merge of two Birmingham charities. Today, based in Digbeth Birmingham SIFA Fireside works five days a week with some of the most vulnerable adults in our society. They help those who has suffered with the likes of alcoholism to those who are experiencing homelessness. They provide a daily drop in service where they provide breakfast, lunch and even showers for their clients. Which we cannot even begin to praise their 60 active volunteers.



Here are a few examples of the work that was designed by us for SIFA Fireside. We are pleased to announce, that SIFA are extremely happy with their overall experience with Squibble.




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