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Recently we found ourselves in a bit of a quandary and it has led to some changes, so please read on…

When I first started my little business it was quite aptly named Kimberley-Jane Design and for good reason. In my view it did what it said on the tin. It was just me, in my office, designing. However, six years later it has certainly grown much bigger. We are about to employ our second graphic designer (who is amazing by the way) growing our small but perfectly formed team to three.

It was never my desire to create a humongous design agency. I want to go to work and have fun, enjoy the people I work with and meet some fantastic clients. I don’t want to get bogged down in a world of management and policies and KPIs, in my opinion, they all detract from what I love doing most – designing!  As most of you know we are a little family and you will always be welcome in our studio, even if it’s just for a cuppa.

However, the business is now more than just me, myself and I so we agreed the business name should reflected this.

Therefore we have been busy and would like to introduce you to our new name – “Squibble Ltd.” 

It was on my mind for quite a while and not a decision I took lightly. However, I want this business to represent more than just me, because to be honest, I’m a little modest and I think we are far greater as a team *ahem – too cheesy? Never mind you get my point*. Squibble grew out of my need to always be scribbling. Whether it be ideas, notes or just doodles – I have notepads full to the brim. However Scribble is a very popular business name (I did my research) and we are unique so I went off the idea, until last week, when it dawned on me that we could just make a new word up. So there you have it Squibble was born.

As clients past and present I want you to be involved in this decision. There was something that attracted you to us in the beginning, therefore your opinion is important. So far, I have designed a new logo (obviously the first thing I did) and filled out the form for Companies House but that’s about it. Many of you will know that once it is written it cannot be undone; so this is me being brave and making the first steps to change…


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