Welcome to our new intern



Creative Director

I’m Kim a passionate marketer | Sharing growth insights for success | Proud founder of Squibble, empowering Midlands marketers to thrive by turning clunky websites into marketing joy | Let’s fuel your journey!


We would like to introduce Lauren Mills to the team. Lauren will be with us two days a week and she has already become an integral part of the team.  She has produced some fantastic artwork and we are excited to see what else Lauren has up her sleeves.

If you’d like to say hi or get in touch, please send a message to: lauren@kimberley-janedesign.co.uk
Projects Lauren has worked on so far…

What Are Brand Guidelines?

What Are Brand Guidelines? A Comprehensive Guide to Crafting and Implementing Brand Consistency. In today’s fierce business landscape, consistent branding is paramount for success. This definitive guide unravels brand guidelines’ intricacies and...

Crafting a compelling value proposition

Crafting a compelling value proposition Words like ‘innovation’ and ‘differentiation’ are often thrown around. But at the core of these ideas that’s where the concept of the value proposition comes into play....

Navigating the Fields of UX, Graphic Design, and Web Design

Are you eager to dive into a career in UX, graphic design, or web design? Let’s delve into a thorough guide that unravels the career avenues in these dynamic domains, offering insights...