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I’m Kim a passionate marketer | Sharing growth insights for success | Proud founder of Squibble, empowering Midlands marketers to thrive by turning clunky websites into marketing joy | Let’s fuel your journey!

For those who have read Ben Eltons’ book “Blind Faith” they know what the future holds and I have just joined it, by starting a Blog that is!

My name is Kimberley Turrell and I am the creator of Kimberley-Jane: Design. I would like you to join me on my journey as a new business start up and I will share with you some truly inspirational work, I have already found some amazing stuff.

So here I am… doing what I should of done five years ago when I started at Loughborough uni. But instead I got lured in by Printed Textiles. The freedom of continuous line drawing and comfy floral imagery was a stark contrast to the tight constrained way of working during the Graphic Design intro on my Foundation course. However descision made, job done! But I spent 3 years battling with my desire (absolute neccassary need) to use Photoshop. I won’t lie convincing my tutor that my work was better produced in photoshop than hand drawn is not something I would recommend it equals tears and a clash of charactures. I quote – tutor “Kim we are not graphic designers we do not work in this way!!” But as head strong or stubborn as I was I pushed through.

At Loughborough University I was one of the first students to use their digital printer for fabrics and golly gosh what a buzz (Corin BB11). Finally I could create the textures and fine detail that I struggled with whilst screen printing.

Through experimentation with various filters in Photoshop I started to develop a style… using CAD had started to pay off.

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