Time for a spring clean: Website maintenance

As with a house, websites need a bit of maintenance now and then to stop them looking shabby and unkempt. Now more and more businesses have an online presence, the competition between sites is tough and if your website is not kept up to date and looking smart, many searchers will be put off.

Here are a few basic ways to maintain you website and keep it up to date:

Regular new content:

By updating your website regularly, posting new blog posts weekly or monthly for example, you create something new for your followers to look at, creating a new reason for them to look back at your website and rediscover what you offer.

Regular Social media posts:

By posting blog posts and company updates on social media you create a regular stream of content online, helping your potential customer base grow and improving your SEO.

Up to date information:

Checking your contact detail and current business is up to date is very important! If a potential customer cannot reach you, they will most probably look elsewhere.

Also, by showing the work you are currently undertaking on your website you show how well you are doing and reassure anyone looking at your site that your business is still going strong.

Check everything works:

It is important to check all your links still work, both internal and external and that any new pages have been linked to correctly. Just like out of date contact information, this can confuse or annoy customers and put them off using your services.

We have website maintenance packages on offer here at Kimberley Jane Design, have a look and see. If you feel your website needs updating or maintaining then get in contact!
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