The launch of CS6 will revolutionise the way we work!

I was invited to attend a launch demonstration of the new Creative Suite 6 (CS6) adobe software for print and web designers.

I have been blown away!

Never has the saying “oh the possibilities” suited something more than this new release. My mind has literally been carried away and off into a world full of exciting new capabilities – yes I am a geek and you don’t have to worry I will be supplying the ideas and yes you’ll love them!

In the space of a few hours my sense of wonderment has gone sky high!

I’m going to share with you my top advanced capability from across the creative suite. Something which runs parallel to the work I have been developing. User interaction. Does it mean anything to you? It will do, read on….

With CS6 user interaction has been the key focus to allow designers to publish their work to a multitude of platforms. We’ve all witnessed the growth of tablets, I’m writing this blog post on one now. CS6 allows me, the designer, to create interactive documents that can be viewed on such platforms and allow you, the reader, to play videos, press buttons, scroll through images and get lost in an interactive world that works simultaneously across all the different platforms. Eg on your iPhone, android phone, tablet, mac or pc. Each application rendering the document precisely to its page limitations. The best part is you dont have to be connected to the Internet.

As consumers we are given so many brochures, flyers, and documents that originality no longer exists – we’ve seen it all and nothing surprises us any more. Shame.

Until now. For the next couple of blissful years we can again explore this sense of enjoyment and discovery with interactive brochures that could lead the user any where. Tablets are big business why wouldn’t we want to utilise their power?

This conference has injected new life into my work process and boy am I excited to start using it.
After all the possibilities are endless.