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Search Engine Optimisation

Why is SEO important?

So you’ve spent good money on a new all singing, all dancing website. You have hired one of the best photographers around to make your images stand out and produced some eye-catching content to accompany your page. However, despite all of your hard work, you are still languishing on page seven of Google. Do you know why? It’s because you have failed to realise the importance of Search Engine Optimisation.

SEO is crucial when it comes to visibility on the internet. Without it it’s like writing a masterpiece but locking it away in a drawer. Somebody will find you eventually, but you are missing out on being seen by millions. 

How Do We Do It?

Our SEO strategy involves reviewing your current website, making sure that all the basics have been taken care of – from optimising meta titles and descriptions to using SEO-friendly URLs – and analysing the competition. Once completed, we can create a clear sitemap, choose the right keywords for your business, produce specific landing pages and evaluate your current content. This thorough planning will ensure you stand out from your competitors and rise up the rankings.

Through the use of SEO, your KPIs can be evaluated at all times and everything can be tracked. We can establish what attracted the user to the page and where their experience ended. We can tell you whether they completed a call to action or not, how long they were on the site for and what device they were using. Everything can be evaluated, allowing us to constantly tweak and improve your site.

You can liken SEO to a cake. You can have all the icing in the world in terms of social media activity, links and paid search, but if it doesn’t have the ingredients, i.e. content, keywords and infrastructure, then nobody is going to touch it.

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SEO Campaign Results

Visitors – Taken from 0 to 400K
Online monthly sales – From 0 to £15,000
As for revenue? Well that’d be £1m+
Growth – Every, single, month, over the course of 18.

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SEO Campaign Results

Over 500 words on the first page of Google
A 15,000 boost in monthly calls
Done and dusted bookings for just 18p per lead


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