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Planning for multiple devices.

From our early conversations with the client, it was clear that maintaining an consistent and immersive experience for the viewer across all devices was important.

By considering multiple screen sizes, from the beginning, we were able to build a design that could adapt while maintaining a rich content experience. Throughout, the design has been kept clean and easy to navigate and gives users quick access to the latest content.

We spent the first few weeks researching existing blogs and travel websites to understand what already exists and how we could improve this user experience. Given the nature of the topic it was fairly obvious from the start that the website needed to utilise full screen and vibrant imagery. These images were carefully selected to work on mobile devices too. We didn’t want the reduced image size to lose its impact.

Logo design
User experience design
Interface design
Responsive design

Bespoke website
built using WordPress

3 months

“It was important to convey Voyagers Converse value and unique offering with a concise, bold and welcoming logo design.


Elements of speech and travel are clearly combined to indicate the collected knowledge, stories and conversations Voyages Converse share, curate and initiate.”

Chris Baker, Lead Designer

Various Logo Designs for Voyagers converse
Mobile website design displayed on a mobile phone

“I’ve loved working with the team at Squibble. They’ve been attentive through out and full of ideas to make the website as easy for me to use as possible. I’ve already had fantastic feedback from fellow travellers and I’m excited to watch the site transform as it is populated with amazing content.”

Lance Latchman, Voyagers Converse

Building a website which performs on low internet speeds.

The nature of Voyagers Converse content collection, through travelling to distant locations and speaking with travellers all over the world, meant that adding fresh content to the site needed to be straightforward and quick for someone on the go.

With this in mind, the backend has been designed so that when a new video or story needs to adding, all the client needs to do is fill in the relevant fields and click upload. There’s no coding knowledge or formatting required, so the client can get what they done with the minimum of effort.

Website design examples displayed o a laptop


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