The power of the WOW image

Visuals are a good way of keeping a websites visitors attention, by using the right kind of imagery this allows visitors to make a connection with the information you are presenting. Remember imagery is one of the most powerful tools, it is important to select imagery carefully to use to support your message, portray a meaning or signal to the viewer.

Not only does imagery support your message but it also entices a visitor a lot more than a site without images. Images are also beneficial to the design and presentation of your website whether they are used for a large background image with little snippets of text, or used as thumbnails in a grid to give a preview or an insight into what you are presenting.

Why people pay more attention to a website with good imagery…

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  • Images are easier to digest/understand.
  • Images are more visually appealing than long boring paragraphs of text.
  • Images can be memorable and will attract, interest and appeal to visitors as they are more engaging.
  • Images make your website visually attractive to hold attention.
  • Images can help you to display your online personality.