Branding Yourself To Be Competitive

Branding yourself means dealing with the innermost workings of consumer cognitive and emotive behaviour and is an integral part of business development.  Brands create associations, which in turn create loyal followings whose members find substantial meaning in the brands, which create them.  Branding is everywhere.  Just look around and you’ll be surprised how much space is taken up by brands advertising their products and services to unsuspecting consumers.

There is a lot of evidence which suggests branding is something, which comes naturally to us as people.  Whether your in a remote tribe, somewhere in the Amazon rainforest or an experienced marketing professional in the heart of Birmingham, managing huge advertising budgets, branding and differentiation plays a key role in building business success.

Take for example, the remote tribe.  Although it would be absurd to assume that these guys book monthly meetings with large media corporations and have budgets allocated to brand development initiatives, their branding still thrives in the way they adorn their bodies and label themselves as one tribe. It is due to that innate ability within us to categorise and create meaningful associations.

Consistency alone would be enough to establish a brand in this situation, under the condition that a meaningful link is created between product sellers, tribe identity and product types – there’s your brand!  The difference is that some do it better than others and that’s what determines success or failure in the world of commerce.

Can you convince people that your product is unique?  That it applies to some sought after quality or value associated with those who choose to depart their money?  That your product is popular and reliable? This is the type of thinking that makes up a good strong brand. A brand encompasses more than a logo or some well thought out words, it is the soul of your business.

The analogy about the tribe may seem a little strange but in highly advanced societies, consumer demand, paired with high expectations, equate to a more competitive business environment. In this ‘cut throat’ environment the brand bears the weight of all conviction.  All brand activity seems to be measured by varying degrees of activity which incorporates the product, company values and brand image, to name a few.

The result is a powerful integration of business features, which make up the face of the brand.

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