Secure branding to connect a VPN start-up 

The sticking point

Meet Which VPN. A start-up with a transparent solution for helping clients purchase a VPN (that’s a Virtual Private Network to you and me). 

As an expert in VPN products and a desire to change the perceived black hat sales approach, Which VPN had all the makings of a good, honest business. But, with a technical web developer on board, the owner needed a strong brand to connect his vision and bring his website to life. 

VPN padlocks

The turbo-charge 🚀🚀🚀

Our brand audit process had given Paul a clear idea of what he wanted. And he knew his target audience. So, we created 3 different logo themes to capture the essence of his brand. Each theme included colours, fonts and styling examples to show how the branding would translate online. We also incorporated real imagery to bring the brand to life.

Once Paul had selected his favourite design, we created a detailed set of brand guidelines to show how the logo, colours, fonts and gradients should be used (as well as how they shouldn’t!) And because the imagery was so important, we provided comprehensive instructions on image treatments to take stock imagery to the next level and inject even more personality into the visuals.

The take-off     

Which VPN now has fresh new branding, ready to launch their business and shake-up the VPN world. With detailed brand guidelines ready to hand over to the developers, Which VPN are ready to surge ahead with the next phase of their project. A secure start for this small start-up. 

If you need branding to shake things up, call us today to get the ball rolling.