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Auction house heritage meets modern property sales

The Challenge

The client’s aims were clear “create a modern brand with marketplace impact.” We knew the identity needed to be bold, clean and give the impression it had heritage to build trust.

Our Process

We start with simple pencil sketches to help collect a huge array of forms and ideas. The ones that showed promise were developed further and presented to the client.

Modern auction management brochure design

“We explored several ideas around floorpans, auction house symbology and traditional font treatments. In the end, our solution focused on the experience of collecting keys for a new property and representing this in an elegant and modern design.”

Chris Baker, Squibble Ltd.

A combination of client meetings and market research help give us the understanding we need to build a clean and modern website structure and visual design. The UX and journey are kept in-mind throughout the design process. It’s our role to make this journey as easy and pain free as possible to ensure the designs support our clients business goals.

Under the Hammer website development example pages

The Result

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