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Multilingual e-commerce made simple.

Petit Jovial are a family skincare company based in Paris. Their mission is to provide natural skincare with minimal impact on the environment for babies and adults alike. 

The range started as a passion project by the company’s owner, Tania, after experiencing much frustration when trying to find natural, gentle skincare for her newborn son, Luca.

“When my son was born, I scrutinised every label to check the ingredients, a habit since I am a chemist. I was dismayed by what I saw. Some products had suspect ingredients, that I wouldn’t want to put on my own skin, let alone my baby. None of them were good enough for my son’s precious skin”.

The Challenge

The Petit Jovial brand is centred around softness and minimalism – no unnecessary ingredients in their products. Simple, natural skincare. At the time of Tania reaching out to Squibble, though, their e-commerce solution was anything but simple.

Their existing site was actually a combination of two websites under one domain – one for blog posts and information and one for e-commerce sales. To make things harder to manage, the site was then divided up again in order to have pages in French and English.

The combination of these factors made life difficult; both for Tania from an admin perspective and for the user from a UX perspective.

What Petit Jovial needed was a consolidated web presence, which delivered it’s content to all audiences in a simple, efficient manner. In steps Squibble!


Brand-new but on-brand.

Like all good brands should, Petit Jovial had put a good amount of focus on establishing their branding in the early stages of the business’s development. Thanks to this, Tania was able to provide us with comprehensive brand guidelines, which gave us great direction in both visual styling and tone of voice.

We utilised the brand’s font choices and colour palette to a greater extent than in their previous site, making sure everything from the website buttons to the product packaging felt like part of one brand-family.

No more (UX) nasties.

Just like what Tania had set out to do with her products, we cut out any unnecessary steps in the user experience to make sure they had the easiest route to view the product range, read up on the facts, and make an informed purchase.

The product range takes pride of place on the homepage with easy links to view the product in depth. We also consolidated the previous site’s ‘mission’ and ‘about us’ page to reduce the cognitive load on the user and keep the site navigation clean and simple.

Now you’re talking my language.

With Petit Jovial having loyal customers in both England and France (among other countries), it was important for the website to be multilingual. Using an intuitive WordPress translation plugin, we were able to take the pain out of duplicating pages and performing translations, and the site now gives the user language selection at a single click.

This not only made translating the existing pages and products simpler, but it also makes life a lot easier for Tania and her team going forwards.

The Result

I cannot recommend Squibble highly enough. If you are considering contacting Squibble, just do it. You won’t regret it. Working with Kim and James were wonderful. They are very creative and are very attentive to your needs. One can tell that they put their clients first, above anything else.

Kim was so easy to work with from the start. James who had worked on the design and the development of our website was a blast to work with. He is very attentive, a great communicator and understood the brand from the get-go. It goes without saying that he is technically savvy, as well.

The whole process was just such a pleasure. I couldn’t be happier with the final product. Highly recommended and they have a client for life.

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