Jellybean Web Design

Delivering Sweet Results

We start all web design projects with a discovery session. 

Usually it’s a face to face session with key stakeholders to understand how the business operates and how they interact with customers. We do this to make sure we understand how the website should work and where we should focus our efforts to make improvements.

The discovery session is designed in such a way that encourages conversation and enables perceptions to be challenged. At the end, we are all on the same page with a set of united goals to work towards. This project was delivered during COVID lockdown so all sessions were held over Zoom.

Digitally delivering our discovery session

I cannot recommend Kim, James, and the team enough. From start to finish of our web build they completely understood our brand and created a website beyond my wildest dreams. The little details they put into the designs that scream our brand are phenomenal and I can’t believe how quickly they got the project done.

Laura, JellyBean MD