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There are many facets to the Northern ‘Power’ brand, but one key component is Simone Roche MBE. When Simone isn’t off shaking hands with the queen or advocating for the Royal Navy, she is spearheading forward-thinking, socially-driven campaigns, which are centred around getting people together and improving opportunities for everybody.

Two of Simone’s key campaigns in particular (Northern Power Women & Northern Power Futures) had amassed a great network ranging from experienced role-models, looking to pass on their knowledge, to bright-eyed teens who were taking their first tentative steps into the working world. 

Within this network there had already been efforts to link people up; to establish mentorships and professional relationships. What Simone and her collective needed was an online solution where this process could not only be facilitated, but expanded upon and refined. That’s where Squibble stepped in.

The Challenge

To create an online platform that could:

  • Bring the Power network together and to help it expand
  • Help to match up users based on their expertise and interests to help forge mentorship or skill-sharing relationships
  • Provide an area for members to evaluate their strengths and monitor their development over time.
  • Keep members up to date with the latest news, opportunities and events.
  • Encourage active and continual engagement with the platform over time.


PP user dashboards

Member Dashboards

We felt that it was important that the first screen a user would see when they signed in acted as a hub for all of the activity that was important to them. Each user’s Dashboard features content that would be tailored to them, such as upcoming events based on their interests or local job opportunities.

Network Profiles

What gives the network it’s strength is it’s diversity, so it was clear that every member would need a place to describe what makes them unique. There are your usual must-haves (a bio, work experience etc.) but we also included sections for each user’s expertise, interests, and intentions. 

This not only told their story, but also helped inform the platform’s connection features.

PP network profiles

Connection Manager

With connection being at the core of the concept, the platform needed a dedicated area where members could monitor their connections, and be suggested new ones based on their profile. 

The platform’s ‘Suggested Connections’ uses an algorithm that takes the information and intentions outlined in a user’s profile and matches them up with a fellow user who would mutually benefit from the connection, for example:

User A is 19 years old and lives in Birmingham. They have stated that they are looking to learn from a mentor and have chosen ‘Digital & Coding’ as an area of interest.

User B

User B is 55 years old and also lives in Birmingham. They have stated that they are open to mentoring and have listed ‘Digital & Coding’ as one of their areas of expertise, which is supported in their work experience section, having listed multiple positions at web design agencies.

This would mean that User A and B would be a strong enough match, and would be recommended connections for one another.

Power Traits Self-Development

We’ve all seen the personality tests that give indications to how introverted or extroverted we are, but how about one that grades us on our resilience and creativity? The Power Traits that Simone and her team devised are centred around the key attributes that every top professional should have.

The self-development tool gives users an opportunity to assess their strengths and identify areas where they might look to improve. User’s answer a simple questionnaire for each trait, using an RAG (red, amber, green) system to score themselves.

Each trait is displayed as one segment of the user’s ‘Iris’, a visual representation of the 5 traits and how the user scored themselves. User’s can re-evaluate themselves further down the line and compare their Iris’s over time to get a bold visualisation of their professional growth.

Tools of engagement

In order to keep the platform’s ecosystem vibrant and active, we introduced a few additional features (if the main features weren’t already enough!) to make sure members would keep coming back to stay involved.

The user feedback system, for example, fed into a ‘badges’ feature, that awarded a user’s profile with a badge depending on what had been said about them in the reviews and how often. Through ongoing engagement and good conduct, user’s can delight in seeing their virtual trophy case fill up with badges as their good deeds are rightly rewarded.

PP user feedback

The Result

Squibble took our vision and not only delivered it, but helped improve it along the way. From the initial kick-off meeting through to the launch of the platform, Squibble were enthusiastic, insightful and available at every step of the way.

The attention to detail in both understanding our idea and suggesting improvements has really took our platform to the next level. Kim, James and the team were always at hand to help, and made extra effort to take video and phone calls in order to keep things ticking along.

Thanks to their hard work, we are not only confident in what we have, but we are confident in them as a partner for future developments and can’t wait to team up again to create something amazing.

Simone Roche MBE, Northern Power Women and Power Platform Founder

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