Not bad for a days work

My main specialism is graphic design but I love photography and who can complain when your job for the day is to visit a kennels and let your inner child run free and wild? The kennels were set in about 4 acres of land with rolling hills and violet flowers in the grass.

I had been asked to photograph some of the male dogs for their website. However, the dogs were so excitable that a run round the field was needed in a bid to tire them out.

Running and playing complete the next task was to make them sit. Easier said than done…but we managed it and here is the evidence. (panting heavily!)

It was actually easier to get the Lama to look me in the eyes…(yes they have Lama aswell)

But the best bit of the day was having a little snuggle with these cuties:

At the end of the day there was still time to snap a few photos of the surrounding area, copies of which I gave to the kennels, for their website

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