Joy to the Creative… Coming soon!

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas… so we have created a festive calendar for you to enjoy throughout the first few weeks of December!

We want to celebrate everything creative and get you excited about it too. As well as this, Christmas is coming up and what better way to celebrate it all with our countdown advent calendar “ Joy To The Creative’.  Through this calendar, we will give you unique graphics with quotes, facts and articles celebrating being creative and graphic design.

The calendar will run from the 1st till the 16th of December, after which we will send out printed copies for you to enjoy all over again! We figured this is the time when you are starting to get ready to leave work behind and get the presents and food ready, but aren’t yet so stressed out with all the festive madness, so when better to experience our Christmas countdown calendar!

We hope you enjoy celebrating the creative as much as we do and look forward to our Christmas countdown calendar! Starting next week!

We will also be posting a blog post on our calendar, how we came up with the design and why we created it in the way we did later in December. Any feedback from you would be very welcome and help us to assess whether our calendar was a creative success or not. Please email with any feedback you have on our calendar, the articles or graphics within it.

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