Are face to face meetings necessary?

Emails, phone calls, letters, social media… today there are so many ways of getting in touch with people that we can sometimes forget how important it is to meet face to face.

And, in the business world it can sometimes be hard to meet all your clients and contacts in person, is it still worth trying? In this post I will explain why it is always worth making the extra effort!

Building Trust

Face to face meetings can help to build up trust between you and your clients, both potential and current. Meeting potential customers, that is those that have expressed a wish in using your services but are unsure, can help them to trust you and see that you believe in your business. This will hopefully encourage them to use your services!

The Personal Touch

Meeting clients in person lets them put a face to a name and helps you to build a relationship between your companies. You will be more memorable if you are not just a company in their contact list, but also a person they remember and enjoyed meeting.

Express yourself

It can sometimes be hard to convey your brief in words, especially in the creative industry. Meeting face to face lets your customers express their wishes and hopes for their project. It also lets you explain how you could or would tweak their plans, how best to undertake them and let them know gently if some ideas may not work.

Show Me Passion

Meeting someone in person lets you show them how truly passionate you are about your work and help them to believe that you work well and take pride in what you produce. This does not always come across as well in email or phone messages.

Less is more

The trust and belief they will leave with will hopefully mean less meetings are necessary to check in on what you have done, making the process easier and quicker. If you both know the end goals then the work that needs to be done is clearer and easier to undertake.


Therefore, we believe face to face meetings are always best! But we realise this is not always possible, however wherever it is, try and take advantage of this and meet in person at least once and especially with new or potential clients.


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