Giving a worldwide name a unified web presence

To maintain their “World Standard” and brand authority, Ervin wanted to unite the existing websites and make their sales process more efficient.

Ervin website homepage

Changing the sales process of a £30m/year global company

Squibble worked with Ervin to streamline their web presence, at the time they were managing 3 separate web sites. Ervin is a global manufacturing company with its HQ in Berlin and sales teams in America, UK and Europe and a turnover of nearly £30 Million/year.

To maintain their “World Standard” and brand authority, Ervin wanted to unite the existing websites and make their sales process more efficient.

The Challenge

Core requirements included:

  • Improve sale leads
  • Succinctly display all product types
  • Work within the brand guidelines
  • Produce 1 global platform
  • Translate all content
  • Be accessible on all devices
Ervin Image Library

Discovering True Grit

The project began with a discovery session, to define the purpose of the web site. Ervin had already embarked on a thorough branding exercise and gave us full access to their brand guidelines and extensive image library. 

Ervin produce and sell steel and stainless abrasive, more commonly known as shot and grit. Each product is specific to a range of applications and in most cases the buyer is not aware of the exact product they need. Therefore, it’s not a one-fits-all approach and the website needed to reflect this. Through discussion we recognised that Ervin customers always know the type of application that they will be applying the abrasive to. 

With this information we designed a sales process that focussed on the application only. Ervin worked hard to produce a matrix that detailed every possible solution based on the users application, material and profile.

Guided by the users answers we could confidently provide a range of suitable products, giving birth to…

The Solutions Finder

To incorporate this into the website we built an application called the ‘Solutions Finder’.

It quickly and easily asked a round of questions that we knew the user would know. The customer was given a range of results, they could then speak to the sales team with a more informed request.

The ‘Solutions Finder’ along with the rest of the website was also translated into 8 other languages. We worked closely with Ervin’s translators to ensure every part of the site was translated. From product pages, case studies to the navigation menu’s. 

Style Guide

The typeface was inherited from the brand guidelines. The chosen colour pallette is equally as strong as the font. 

Ervin brand guidelines


From the outset we knew the new website would change the way the sales departments operated. Therefore, we were keen to ensure buy-in right from the start. 

The initial concepts were shared with existing customers, sales teams and managers before a single line of code was written. The website would be the first touchpoint for many customers and we had to appeal to a wide range of users.

The Website


The website is built on WordPress with the WPML translate plugin. It was important that Ervin could make edits and updates as and when they needed.

The Result

“This was a challenging but rewarding project for Squibble. The size of the company provided us with the opportunity to converse and collaborate with it’s personnel in order to accurately address the pain-points in their sales process and find creative solutions to remedy them.

The outcome is a global spanning online presence which stays true to it’s brand whilst offering innovative sales processes to it’s users”