Embracing the ‘British’ Entrepreneurial Spirit – We Need Your Support

Start-Up Britain is back, and as part of the launch, Squibble Ltd will be hosting a survey, which aims to briefly explore the motivations behind entrepreneurialism. The survey will feature a set of questions to showcase the opinions of experienced business professionals. Upon entering the survey, each respondent will be automatically entered into an amazing prize draw, worth £240.

For those of you who are unaware, Start-Up Britain is a Nationally, organized campaign, set up in 2011 by entrepreneurs for entrepreneurs. The campaign is wholly supported by the UK government and encourages people to consider the benefits of self-employment, a wonderful solution in a time of economic uncertainty.

Squibble Ltd is a Birmingham based Web Consultancy and Design Agency, who has thrived since their launch in 2010 and a company all too familiar with the need for self-sufficiency. Kimberley Leary, the Managing Director of the company said, “This is has been a very exciting time for us. We are growing in a digital world and we are lucky to be able to utilize its power. For a lot of businesses this means re-writing marketing strategies to keep up with the fast pace of the internet and digital marketing available, especially as it’s low cost or free. We use social media like Twitter to connect on a global scale and I think we owe a lot of our success to this platform. We can respond quickly to changing needs faster than our competitors.”

For your chance to contribute to this Nationwide movement and support the ever growing emergence of entrepreneurialism, help out Britain with your valuable insights and join in by taking the survey. I am sure your opinions will be much appreciated and you may even become a lucky competition winner.

Survey now closed.