Digital Marketing

Digital marketing makes good on your digital investments. It collects all that design and development work and takes it straight to market.

Be Seen on Screen.

Social, pay-per-click, search engine optimisation, mobile apps, content marketing, branding assets: all these play their part. The trick is knowing when to pull which lever.

At Squibble, we know exactly what works online – and what doesn’t. We review our clients’ needs and goals, and build a bespoke digital marketing strategy that will get results.

Done properly, digital marketing delivers content that will capture the attention of an organisation’s target users. It increases sales levels, lead generation and brand recognition.

In other words, it funnels traffic to your online channels. All that slick branding, crisp photography and exciting functionality comes alive when users are convinced to visit a webpage, or download an app. 

From tailoring a website to reach the top page of Google to conducting innovative campaigns on social media, we know all the tricks of this trade. And we also know how to put them together into a meaningful, measurable and strategic package.

All this starts with a conversation, with developing an understanding of what you need to achieve. You can trust us to build a digital marketing plan of real value. So let’s get talking.

We take our clients through a discovery process which uncovers all the essentials of a business. With that understanding, we build a brand and a following. 

Kim Leary MD Squibble

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