Logo Design for Next Vapour

How do you create a successful brand in a crowded marketplace?

Tap into a sub culture.

How did we use a sub-culture to expose the brand?

Next Vapour was created, as a sister company, to an existing successful retail and online eCommerce outlet. Part of our brief was to design a brand that occupied a different segment of the market. Our initial discussions focused on the culture that surrounds the vaping community and we wanted to tap into this and ensure the Next Vapour brand offered something unique.

The existing vaping websites are all very similar and we wanted Next Vapour to stand out in a crowded marketplace. Our research and brainstorming session lead us to the final outcome.

“The brand that Squibble designed for us does exactly what we wanted. We’ve received huge amounts of support within the community and people really enjoy using our website. Our website offers hundreds of products and we wanted to make sure the website was easy to navigate and quick to make a purchase.”

The Process of Logo Development

“As the first touch point for many of Next Vapours customers, I wanted the logo design to convey the range of products available, the experience and culture surrounding the vaping community and ultimately a premium brand, which people can trust.”

Chris Baker, Squibble Ltd.
Next Vapour website mockup displayed on a computer monitor
Next Vapour mockup mobile site

We were particularly proud of the coutdown timer…..

The countdown timer was an idea generated to offer Next Vapour customers a discounted product for 1 month only. We were really pleased with the outcome as it’s not something any of their competitors are currently using.

It also makes the website a little more dynamic and adds movement to the page. So far, whatever product is offered in this spot sells-out within 2 weeks.

Next vapour advertisement showcasing 4 electronic cigarettes and the company logo
Flying coffee cup

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