Colour Preferences Determined by Experience

Have you ever thought about how many decisions we make, every day, about colour?

Are you wearing the green or pink shirt today, what colour do you want on your car, iPhone, house, mug, jeans? Why and reasons behind why we choose to prefer certain colours over others have started to take the interest of scientists. In several different research articles asking these questions, a common theme across them all is that they found that the colours we prefer are based upon our experience.

“Your own personal preference is determined by all the entities you’ve encountered of that colour and how much you liked them.”

In an attempt to understand why people like certain colours, scientists have focused on evolution. Their main theory is that we like colours that are tied to things that are healthy and promote survival. These findings can be useful to take into account when you think about what sort of colours you would like to include in your brand and colour palate. This has proven to be correct in relation to the Pantone colour of the 2015, which is Marsala . This colour is described as a robust and earthy wine red colour, that enriches our mind, body and soul.

If you need any help deciding which colours best represents your company and brand, give us a call today and we are happy to help.