The Repetition of UI Patterns

One of the side effects of responsive design has meant that a lot of sites look similar and we are seeing repetition of UI Patterns. Responsive design isn’t solely to blame however. The huge rise of WordPress sites and the booming WordPress the me market has also contributed to it. Having a similar look and … Read more

Why Social Media Buttons Don’t Work!


Most people creating a new website will ask me at some point where the social media buttons will go. But is sticking the same tired and gaudy social buttons on every page of our new website really the best way? Here’s why we don’t think so. Distraction When creating a website it’s considered best practice … Read more

How to Create a website that Maximizes Your Brand Identity


Amazing web design is not enough if you want your website to be successful. The key to a successful web design is that it needs to reflect your brand identity, through the colours, text, images, navigation and everything else you choose to use. Think that when someone goes on your website for the first time, you want them to … Read more

Essential Elements of an Effective Call-to-Action


Developing effective call to action campaigns is difficult, to get you on the right track we have gathered a few tips that is essential when aiming to developing an effective call-to-action campaign. Use Actionable Language Using verbs like `discover, unearth, find` instead of ones like `be smarter`. You should be empowering your readers to click on your … Read more

How to use a website to strengthen a brand


Some might argue that branding can be described as `the most valuable fixed asset of a corporation`, and this can be seen as true in the light of the highly competitive market today. Take Apple for example, their branding is so effective by how they have built their fortunes on their incredible valuable and attractive … Read more

Web Design Trends you can expect to see more of in 2015

The graphic design industry is continuously evolving, and as a result new trends are constantly influencing the industry, and staying on top of what is in and what is out is sometimes overwhelming. Fear not, we have had a closer look at the predicted hottest web design trends for 2015 and are excited to share … Read more

How to make pop-up boxes less irritating.

No one likes to click and a site and immediately be bombarded with pop-up boxes demanding their attention. But so many sites use these pop-ups to advertise their newsletters, offers and much more (even we do!) so they must work. In this article we are going to look into how to create a non annoying pop up … Read more

How has website design changed?

These days we expect every website we visit to be elegant, easy to use and informative. We are used to clever graphics and beautiful images and can be harsh when it But when the web began websites looked a little different. In this post I will look into how websites has changed and improved over … Read more

How to design a great E-Commerce site


Your E-commerce website is your virtual shop, it must greet people with a warm welcome, show them exactly what is on offer and be easy to navigate. It needs to convert online visitors into paying customers, especially if you are selling solely online. Here are our tips for designing a brilliant e-commerce site: Navigation It’s … Read more