How important is Typography within your composition?

I often think that Typography is overlooked in print and digital artwork. For me it is the je ne sais quoi! It will either make or break the image, more often or not probably breaking it. I believe that some people don’t think of typography as an important part of designing or an art form. “It’s just a font, we have loads, and they look so similar!” (I hear you gasp designers) At the risk of boring those said believers I will ask one question: Do you realise how much …

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Not bad for a days work

My main specialism is graphic design but I love photography and who can complain when your job for the day is to visit a kennels and let your inner child run free and wild? The kennels were set in about 4 acres of land with rolling hills and violet flowers in the grass. I had been asked to photograph some of the male dogs for their website. However, the dogs were so excitable that a run round the field was needed in a bid to tire them out. Running and playing …

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Launch of our re-designed website!

Wow what a transformation, if you saw the old website you will be extremely happy with this new one and appreciate all the extra features. At Birmingham based Kimberley-Jane: Design we have experienced significant growth and interest in our excellent services. This is highlighted by our fabulous portfolio that is growing each week. It is this growth that meant we had to improve the website to help your experience. If you have had a look around you will notice the ability to request quotes 24/7, chat to us 24/7 and our fantastic …

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Photography Fashion Shoot in Leicester

Tamworth based photographer Kimberley Turrell from Kimberley-Jane: Design and Leicesterhsire Ladies Beth Widowson and Lizze Leary from Kindred Sole embarked on a day of fashion, shoes, skittles and horse stables. As a result some gorgeous fashion photography was produced for Kindred Soles website. Their Autumn/Winter collection of 2010 went live this week and below are the results. Kindred Sole handpick the finest designs from around the world from established designer brands as well as up and coming footwear designers and it was my job to photograph the new styles for …

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Design Winners at Fresh Business Thinking

Maybe I take my role as a designer a little too seriously but when I am surrounded my marketing material I cant help but analyse it. If I dont like it why dont I? What is it about their colour scheme that I like? Let me put it into context…Yesterday I went to the ‘Fresh Business Thinking’ conference and thumbs up to them because it was really informative and I came home buzzing with ideas. There were several stands and whilst most were not relevant to me I enjoyed examing …

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A Chance to Self Indulge!

My name is Kimberley Turrell and I am the creator of Kimberley-Jane: Design. I would like you to join me on my journey as a new business start up and I will share with you some truly inspirational work, I have already found some amazing stuff.