Overwhelmed By All The Design Agencies?

There are so many design agencies out there that it can be difficult to know where to start. From smaller to larger, all-service to web specialists, design agencies come in many shapes and sizes. Given how important a website is to a business, choosing the right one is critical. But how should organisations choose?

Why keep a blog?

Why have a blog?

What does a blog add to your website? Is it really necessary or just an optional addition? In this post, I am going to put forward some strong points for the addition of a blog to every website. The figures Statistics show that a blog can really help your business …

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SEO and all it's complexities

SEO and all it’s complexities

Search Engines are complex machines. They sweep through millions of web pages and rank them all in order of, well, what? This summary seeks to try and explain their methods and how you can use this knowledge to improve your page ranking and optimise your site using SEO. How the …

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Jean Claude Coors Lights

How to create a global brand

How to create a global brand Coors – An American powerhouse of a brewery, when you hear their name, it likely conjures up words such as refreshing, heritage and authentic. This brand is the third-largest of its kind in the world, they’ve hard earned their image. Except their image wasn’t …

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Independent eCommerce versus the world

At Squibble, we often hit upon blogging ideas when talking directly with clients or, in this case, potential clients. These conversations bring up things that we’d never thought of – topics that could really guide others onto the right choices when it comes to their online strategy. Recently, this has …

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How to design a memorable business card.

A business card acts as a reminder to your contacts of who you are and what company you work for. Your business card should be sharing the information that is most important for people to know about your business. But a business card can also tell someone how to perceive you …

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How to design a great E-Commerce site

Your E-commerce website is your virtual shop, it must greet people with a warm welcome, show them exactly what is on offer and be easy to navigate. It needs to convert online visitors into paying customers, especially if you are selling solely online. Here are our tips for designing a …

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Is Printed media a waste of money?

We recently launched our new magazine, ENGAGE… for success. We decided to publish an online and printed version. But does anyone really take any notice printed media these days? Did we do the right thing printing our magazine? We were curious, so we looked into how successful printed media is in today’s …

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Contact forms vs Contact details

Do you need your contact details on your website? Or is it simpler to have a contact form? Many websites (especially stores) have removed their contact details in favour of a contact form. Customers are asked to enter their message and trust in blind faith that somebody will respond after it has …

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We’ve moved!

We’ve moved! After a week of squeezing desks through doorways, struggling to carry chairs down stairs and finally deciding where everything should go we have successfully moved into our new office! The journey may not have been that long (the old office is just upstairs), but it was well worth …

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How to Increase Employee Motivation

Employee motivation is an important aspect of business development and without it, businesses would lack the drive needed for substantial productivity. 1.  Collaborate Goals Working with employees to help set and develop work-based goals is an invaluable motive.  Individual goals differ and each person has their own interpretation of what …

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