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GRG Executive Search’s previous website was built with an out-of-the-box platform for recruitment companies.

Great for a quick setup, but it proved limited in the long run, as the team couldn’t edit content, create new pages, or apply their own styling. As a result, the website no longer reflected their brand identity. Enter Squibble.

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Uncovering a new style

There was a lot to untangle here, so we ran a discovery session with the team. Big questions on the table: what does the business want to be known for and what are the long-term goals? We got to know the team and how closely they work with clients and jobseekers. We just had to put that commitment on the screen.

A guide for the future

The team lacked reliable brand guidelines. What they did have was muddled and inconsistent. We worked with them to create key messaging pillars and brand guidelines that reflect the team and how they support their clients. The result was such a success that we’ve since worked with Gleeson Recruitment Group, GRG’s parent company, to create more sector-specific websites.

Serving the audience

From the session, it was clear the website is aimed at companies looking to recruit. What does that audience need? A professional first-impression was high on the checklist. They also needed to see which sectors GRG recruit across and easily find contact details for the team.

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