Gratitude Mapping

Building stronger teams

Gratitude mapping is a technology platform that helps people work better together. 

The big idea is that giving gratitude in the workplace can really improve trust and create stronger teams. The science was sound; they just needed a website.

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Our processes...

How to map a feeling

Working closely with the founder, we established that the platform would function essentially as a questionnaire. Users answer a series of simple questions to provide details of how they interact with team members. At the end, a map shows how they’re connected to everybody and who they should be thankful for helping them do their job effectively.

Test. Adapt. Test again.

We tested the platform with external users to make sure the user journey was smooth and the requested data all made sense. With this information, we refined the journey, adapting the process to show one question per screen so users aren’t overwhelmed by a long list of questions. The final process was smooth. Next stop? Gratitude.

Building the maps

Everything was custom built in WordPress to give the team full control over editing content. Our first step was several sessions to understand how users should navigate the platform. Building on the client’s original ideas, we created an intuitive platform that delivers a lot of information in a fun way.

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