Stand-out graphics

Cyber is a competitive sector so it’s easy to understand why Equilibrium wanted to stand out from the crowd. From the first ‘look and feel’ session Equilibrium were comfortable with us pushing the design style outside of the sector norm and so we created bespoke, illustrative hand-drawn assets to be used on their website and marketing materials.
They’re completely unique and work alongside the accompanying text block. 

Easy to edit backend

The client wanted full control over the website so that she could continuously make changes and updates to improve their SEO. We built the site so the Marketing Exec could do just that.

Project management

Equilibrium needed a design team that could take the pressure off and manage the project effectively with regular feedback and project status updates to keep everything on track.


At the start of every project we dive deep in understanding the needs of our clients and their customers.

Assets with personality

Cyber security sites are known for their dark-hooded figures with moody colours and endless lines of code – but it shows no personality. The Equilibrium team is known for their expertise and friendly customer service, it’s what they pride themselves on! And they wanted the website to reflect not only their service offering but also their personality and to move away from the stereotypical cyber website design. We created hand-drawn assets that are packed with colour and details to showcase the personable approach to their service. 

Wireframes to design

As with all of our website design projects, we started off with creating wireframes so we could map out the user journey and work with the client to understand her content needs. Equilibrium knew exactly what they wanted but couldn’t figure out how it should look and feel. And that’s where we came in, creating basic wireframes based on our discovery session, to guide her content ideas and bring them to life with hand-drawn assets and bold colours. 

Complete autonomy

As with most of our clients, they want complete autonomy over their sites. Instead of emailing their developers to make the simplest of changes to the site, we give them full control over the site so they can make any necessary changes they see fit, at any time. But we didn’t stop there, we provided Equilibrium with full website training so that they knew exactly how to do the things they wanted to. But, we are always one email away from lending a hand should they need us.

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