SEO and all it’s complexities

SEO and all it's complexities

Search Engines are complex machines. They sweep through millions of web pages and rank them all in order of, well, what? This summary seeks to try and explain their methods and how you can use this knowledge to improve your page ranking and optimise your site using SEO. How the search engine’s rank Search engine’s use specific methods to rank the many millions of sites across the internet. Some of these methods are public knowledge although the engine’s like to keep the last few pieces of the puzzle a closely …

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Me, myself and I: The debilitating self-doubt of imposter syndrome

Just last month Squibble, my web design agency, won the prestigious AI Business Excellence Award, and last year I was personally recognised with the Forward Ladies Women in Business Awards. I employ 2 amazing staff, and have a nice little spot in the centre of the vibrant Jewellery Quarter in a buzzing area for businesses. Yet despite the awards, and the fact that I earn a good living from doing what I love, I sometimes feel like an out and out imposter – a fake, a fraud. Sound familiar? Well you …

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Culture, branding and being real – why culture always beats strategy

Culture beats strategy

Culture, branding and being real – why culture always beats strategy  Two weeks ago, the Squibble team were lucky enough to listen to a seminar from NAConsulting, hosted by Natwest. The day was based around the notion that “culture beats strategy” – and we have to say, we completely agree. But this got us to thinking – how many companies consider their culture? How many brands have even thought about what ‘culture’ really represents? Here we explain why we think culture truly does matter. And more to the point, how without a set …

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Your friends are saying you could be the next Mark Zuckerberg – Are they right?

Your friends are saying you could be the next Mark Zuckerberg – Are they right? We know that feeling, that adrenaline pumping, tummy churning feeling – that moment you strike on a light bulb idea for a business. You’re already picturing success in the future – people using your product or businesses using your services. Undoubtedly determination and positivity are two essential personality traits for any entrepreneur. Yet a business cannot thrive on these alone – before you so much as pump a single pound into your idea, you need …

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How to create a global brand

How to create a global brand Coors – An American powerhouse of a brewery, when you hear their name, it likely conjures up words such as refreshing, heritage and authentic. This brand is the third-largest of its kind in the world, they’ve hard earned their image. Except their image wasn’t so effective when they launched in Spain, where their slogan “Turn It Loose” was translated – into a colloquial term for having diarrhoea. Safe to say some expensive damage limitation was required to rectify the issue. Moral of the story? …

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Independent eCommerce versus the world

At Squibble, we often hit upon blogging ideas when talking directly with clients or, in this case, potential clients. These conversations bring up things that we’d never thought of – topics that could really guide others onto the right choices when it comes to their online strategy. Recently, this has touched upon the likes of eBay and Amazon – and the ways in which they compare to using design guys such as our good selves to create an independent ecommerce store. So, just which option presents the most compelling case …

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2017: Branding challenges, opportunities and change

Power of branding

Branding – it’s a tough task to get right for the average SME. Transitioning your thinking from visuals alone to understanding that branding is everything (from the tone of voice through to ethos and values) demands time and careful consideration. And just when you thought you’d made it through the quagmire of branding, along comes consumer change and new branding trends. This change is inevitable – and it should be embraced (if only for the fact that it can’t be avoided). What’s more, along with change comes opportunity. So here we look to the future – the next 12 months of it – exploring the challenges and opportunities for your SME brand – whether you see them as challenge or opportunity, depends very much on your mindset.

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How to Grow Your Business With A Marketing Plan

Marketing plans, an often over looked utility by some businesses, can help you grow your business because they provide a clear set of objectives, making sure all that is done is not done in vain.  It is crucial these days, that businesses develop such plans, not only to stay competitive but also to respond accordingly to the dynamic nature of business, when needed.  Marketing plans should help you develop and understanding of who you are as a company, what you hope to achieve and what needs to be done in …

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10 Web Design Trends to Watch In 2017

Simple is good

The New Year has arrived, and as the Christmas period begins to feel further and further away, we’re cheering ourselves up with the many exciting things to come over the next 12 months. Here we dig into the upcoming trends, design approaches and changes that are soon to come to the world of web design. 1. The rise and rise of animations Animations are going to be harnessed in ever more inventive ways this year, as brands come to understand the power of product and service explainers and demonstrations. 2. …

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Working with SIFA

SIFA brochure design

We had the pleasure of working with SIFA Fireside for this project. Creating them a brochure explaining their services and opportunities for homeless people. Start Firstly a meeting was arranged with SIFA Fireside to establish what exactly they wanted and expected of us. Drafts were made of potential ideas and their current styling. We went through every page of their draft brochure and had ideas of designs for each page, still following with their previous design ideas. After the meeting most of the content was handed over for the brochure …

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